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Retro Design Face Masks

Cute retro-inspired patterns help us deal with a modern-day problem.

Unfortunately with Covid-19, wearing a face mask has become standard for 2020. Why not show a little style, and have some fun with it! These cute retro-inspired patterns help make it a little easier to stay safe.

Paisley has been a popular pattern in fashion for centuries, and especially during the 60's and 70's. Did you own (or do you now have) an article of clothing with the paisley pattern?

Polka Dots were in fashion in the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. Fun and flirty, polka dots are such a happy pattern.

Tie-Dye came out as popular in the mid to late 60's through the 70's with bright colors and bold patterns.

KAPOW! Check out this fun Batman & Robin Action Pattern Face Mask based on the 1966 Batman TV Series.

Cat-Eye Glasses were the height of fashion during the 60's. Here they are paired with flamingos and flip-flops for a cute retro pattern.

The peace symbol was designed in 1958, but became a symbol of the 60's. This retro mask has a single peace symbol hand-drawn on a black background.

This cute mask has the retro 'smiley face' design that has been popular for many years.

Face masks may be necessary for a while, but you can have some fun and show some personality with yours! You can click the links on any of these masks and it will take you to the Zazzle product pages where you can make a purchase if you want to show a little "retro" style.

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