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Cat Eye Sunglasses

Add some flair to your wardrobe with these fun and flirty cat-eye sunglasses.  Chic and stylish, they are simply fabulous!

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Grey Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

Grey Tortoise Shell

Unique Vintage

Black & White Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black & White Polka Dot


Blue Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Blue Cat Eye Glasses

Glasses Shop

1950s Red Naughty Cat Eye Sunglasses.  Shop for more styles in red.

1950s Red

Unique Vintage

Vintage Chic Crystal Color Cat Eye Glasses

Vintage Chic Crystal

Glasses Shop

Crystal Glitter Groovy Cat Eye Sunglasses

Crystal Glitter

Unique Vintage

1950s Style Pink Crystal Glitter Butterfly Sunglasses

Pink Crystal Glitter

Unique Vintage

Retro Red & Gold Reign Cat Eye Sunglasses

Retro Red & Gold

Unique Vintage

Black, Red, or Tortoise Cat Eye Glasses with Rhinestones

Tortoise with Rhinestones

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White Retro Pointed Cat Eye Sunglasses

White Retro Pointed

Unique Vintage

Rose Gold Metal Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

Rose Gold Metal Frame


Black & Clear Very Special Cat Eye Sunglasses

Black & Clear

Unique Vintage

Vintage Style Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vintage Style Tortoise

Unique Vintage

Shop for 50s Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses for Womens with Rhinestones

50s Vintage Rhinestones


Modern Classy Thin Bezel Flat Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses

Modern Thin Bezel Flat Lens


Cat Eye with Gold Temple Detail Sunglasses - Black & Gold

Black with Gold Temple Detail

Charming Charlie

Sophisticated Snakeskin Pattern Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Sophisticated Snakeskin Pattern


Brown & Grey Ombre Cat Eye Sunglasses

Brown & Grey Ombre

Unique Vintage

Fashion Classic Vintage Eyewear Cat Eye Sunglasses

Classic Polka Dot


Light Pink Square Cat Eye Oversized Sunglasses

Light Pink Square Oversized

Unique Vintage

Vintage Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vintage Oversized


Green glasses with subtle curves and lightweight TR90 material highlight your features without overpowering your outfit.

Fashion Forward Green

Glasses Shop

Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses with Translucent Glossy Finish

Translucent Glossy Finish

Zenni Optical

Vintage Style Black Sling Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vintage Style Black

Unique Vintage

Candy Pink Wide Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

Candy Pink Wide Frame

Zenni Optical

Wide frame cat eye sunglasses with a cool perforated metal design in gold with navy blue accents.

Curved Perforated Metal Frames

Zenni Optical

1950s Glamour Classic Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Mauve or Cappuccino.

1950s Glamour

Zenni Optical

Light Mint Ya Ya Cat Eye Sunglasses

Light Mint

Unique Vintage

Glamorous Cat-Eye Sunglasses with Jewel Embellishments. 
 Available in jet black and tortoiseshell.

Jewel Embellishments

Zenni Optical

Square Cateye Sunglasses with Smoke Gray Gradient Tint

Smoke Gray Gradient Tint

Zenni Optical

Fun Cat-Eye Sunglasses with  Silver-studded Top Rim detail

Yellow Silver-Studded

Zenni Optical

Edgy Cat Eye Sunglasses with Stripes

Edgy Black with Stripes

Zenni Optical

Multi-Color Kid's Cat Eye Glasses

Kid's Cat Eye Glasses

Zenni Optical

Polished Metal in two color options: classic black/golden and refreshing Crystal/golden.

Polished Metal Crystal

Glasses Shop

Cat Eye Glasses are available in two bold floral patterns: black or pink

Pink or Black Floral

Zenni Optical

Burgundy, Black or Brown Eyeglasses with a soft, subtle cat-eye frame.

Burgundy Eyeglasses

Glasses Shop

It is no secret that fashion trends come and go. Some are loved for a season, while others become classics. The cat eye sunglasses trend is one of those classics, and it's not about to stop anytime soon. These classy cat eye specs are still in style today because of their vintage charm and timeless sophistication.  They're edgy and chic, plus they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Altina Schinasi was the creator of the flared harlequin frame glasses in the 1930s (also known as cat eye frames).  And while they had been around since the 30s, they are mostly associated with the 1950s and 1960s because that is when they became wildly popular. 

The shape of cat-eye glasses changed during the 1950s, becoming narrower and more pointed. After Marilyn Monroe began wearing them in her movies, this style soared in popularity.  And, in 1961, Audrey Hepburn famously wore a larger oversized shape in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. They became an iconic part of her signature look, and women all over the world began to emulate her style.

Does your wardrobe need that extra something?  With so many stylish options, cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect addition!  Shop for a style that will compliment your face shape, and then confidently wear these frames when you want to stand out in the crowd!

(Shop this site for more information on retro fashion and style!  And check out the other pages on our website for classic tv shows, classic cars, decor, music and more.)

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